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2012: january goals and resolutions

Yesterday, I basically turned into the New Year’s Resolution version of this crazy lady: 

I have to admit, I got rather ambitious with my forty point list. But I’m confident that we can do this. Like I said, having a plan makes this completely manageable. So I got out a calculator did the math, and to accomplish 40 things in 12 months I have to conquer 3.33 of them per month. Except I don’t know how you conquer a third of something and so many of the things on this list aren’t one-and-done to-dos. 

So, that means figuring out what can be checked off in a month and what has to be done a little at a time over the next 361 days. 

Here a few things that I feel can be accomplished this month:

  • get a day job
  • get up and get moving: no more sleeping in during the week
    • these two pretty much go hand and hand
  • touch up paint in the kitchen
  • find local primary care doctor, OBGYN, dentist
  • get rid of the old: clothing donations to Goodwill
  • make a plan
    • set monthly goals
    • get back to daily to-do lists
  • read two books

    For January, I’m trying to build up confidence and momentum, so I stuck with the quick check items—one of which has already been half completed. (I spent Monday going through my closet and have a pretty sizable donation that’s headed straight to Goodwill on Friday!)

    As far as a plan is concerned, that is the big goal for this month and I think we’re getting there. I’m sure that as soon as my Emily Ley Paper Simplified Planner shows up in the mail we’ll be cooking with gas! 

    The other BIG thing about January 2012 is that next Monday (01.09.2011) I will officially be relocating BEST. That’s right, we’ll be saying thank you to tumblr for a fantastic 1+ year, waving goodbye, and showing up over on Blogger. I love tumblr and have been very happy with every day spent writing here. But a writer/blogger’s true yardstick for measuring success is comments, and that just isn’t a part of tumblr’s interface. I assume because it’s really intended to be used in a similar, albeit less organized, manner as Pinterest. And although I do get some great feedback through Facebook comments and tumblr reblogs, I need more. I need comments directly tied to my posts and I need reader statistics. I need to be able to conduct surveys. I need the tools to measure and adjust. And baby, Blogger’s got what I need! 

    So there you have it. 2012: Phase One! 

    Onward and upward, folks. Gotta find that sweet spot and build my own upswing! 

    And just for good measure, this is what my world looks like these days.

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    2012: 40 fine print resolutions

    For those of you that have been following along, you know that I’m full of resolutions for 2012. And you were warned that today would be the micromanaging phase. But I doubt you ever imagined a 40 point list organized into 8 categories. Yeah, it’s one extreme or the other with this girl. 

    And considering 2011 was the year of not doing shit and being quite worthless, 2012 is intended for the complete other end of the spectrum. 

    I’ve always been a resolutions junky. But I usually favor the vague and abstract resolutions that I whisper to myself while falling asleep on New Year’s Eve. But with the downslide that was last year I realized how much better I am with a plan—with to-do lists and tiny little goals that can lead to the much bigger picture. 

    So I broke it down, way down. And I know what you’re thinking, there is no way this crazy girl is going to make 40 life changes at once and keep them going all year long. But that’s not what I’m asking of myself. Many of these things are one and done to-dos rather than year long goals, but completing them will contribute greatly to my big picture resolutions. Also, I’m planning on staggering the start of these so that it’s not quite as overwhelming. 


    • choose happiness
    • forgive yourself for the last 2.5 years
    • be present and proactive in your life
    • conquer your fear of failure
    • have a plan


    • get a day job
    • write everyday
    • relocate the blog
    • build blog archive
    • submit short stories for publication
    • always finish whatever you start writing


    • get all bills paid off and/or caught up
    • learn to live on a budget
    • start emergency savings account
    • plan for big purchases: iPhone, Macbook Pro, TV, new car
    • start approaching your wardrobe as an investment, choose quality pieces


    • remodel bathroom
    • touch up paint in kitchen, master bedroom
    • get new light fixture for master bedroom
    • paint living room, office, dining room
    • look into new living room furniture, flooring solutions


    • find local primary care doctor, OBGYN, dentist
    • get up and get moving: no more sleeping in during the week
    • learn to value your body/your health/your life
    • renegotiate your relationship with food
    • remember the mental and emotional benefits of exercise
    • finally break that soda addiction for good
    • keep a food diary


    • family: call more; host a summer party at the house; cherish every moment with Nana and get all those amazing stories out of her
    • friends: call/text/email/facebook and most definitely visit more
    • husband: gift him rest and gratitude for all the work/holding us both up he did in 2011


    • get rid of the old: clothing donations to Goodwill
    • get recycling set up in pantry
    • set monthly goals
    • get back to daily to-do lists


    • read at least two books a month
    • take more pictures
    • explore your city 
    • watch less television
    • get the dogs outside to exercise more

    So, that’s it. That’s how I do resolutions. At least in 2012. And simply setting these goals, coming forward and publicly declaring that this year I will try my best, that in and of itself is an achievement. 

    Tomorrow we’ll discuss my plans specifically for January, when it’s all about building confidence and endurance. There is lots of work to be done and it’s going to be a long year.

    ipa   rory

    ^They don’t have very big plans for 2012. Just a lot more of the usual. 

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