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miss nora: oh do i have plans for you

Yesterday I told you all about Us v. Miss Nora, round one and the year that was. All in all, I’m feeling a little more zen about things today. Most likely due to the praise and encouragement of some lovely readers who I am fortunate enough to call friends. So today is about the plans, the to-dos, the dreams. 

Nora still needs a lot of work, so I’m going to break it down into three categories: functional (structural, necessary, high priority), aesthetic (beautifying, the fun stuff, unfortunately low priority), and power couple (a combination of the two, mid to high priority). 


  • new roof
  • full re-wire job 
    she’s currently rocking nob & tube wiring
  • demolish and rebuild garage 
    there’s no saving her and as is she’s too small for Bill’s truck anyway
  • chimney inspection and possible repair
  • insulation
    she’s got none, which means our new windows are slightly a moot point
  • replace remaining 6 windows
    we were on the fence about a few of them, because they have so much charm, but it’s really necessary at this point
  • install glass block windows
    for the basement; ivy is growing through one of them as of now
  • waterproof basement
  • patch opening in attic
    we have birds


  • remove carpet and refinish existing wood floors throughout
  • remove wallpaper in two rooms
    guest bedroom and dining room 
  • new tile in entryways and kitchen
  • paint in almost every room
  • the yard
    it’s an absolute mess
  • transport wedding arbor from Bula to backyard 
  • furniture
    this may always be a work in progress though 
  • second story back porch improvements
  • fireplace surround and mantle makeover

Power Couple

  • main bathroom overhaul
    showering in the basement is the worst
  • full siding job on the exterior
    bill is fighting me on this one
  • repair porch
    did I mention that I fell through our porch banister?
  • increase exterior lighting and outlets
    mainly for the sake of christmas lights 
  • repave driveway
  • add portico to side entry
    it’s our main entrance and there’s nothing to keep us dry while hauling groceries in or fidgeting with the lock
  • new exterior doors
    they don’t seal properly so we lose a lot of heat
  • driveway gate
    to keep the puppies in the back yard without parental supervision
  • build back deck off kitchen
    for grilling, entertaining, and a puppy-friendly entrance/exit

I’m fairly certain that’s the long and short of it.

Who wants to help?

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