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wanted: work tote

Christmas is coming kids. And not that I want to be accused of disrespecting Thanksgiving, but I’m already working on my wish list. One thing I’m hoping for is a new tote that I could use for transporting all my work files and my laptop when necessary. My current bag has a small rip that I can no longer ignore and was never really my style. 

Here are the results of my quick little Internet search. 

If I was purchasing this for myself, and had the money to be indulgent, this first bag would definitely be my choice. It’s real leather in a gorgeous color and a great size (12.5” x 14.75” x 5.5”). Although $200 is outside my immediate budget, it’s definitely a fair price for such an investment bag. 

j. crew 1  j. crew 2
J. Crew Newstand Tote in Brownstone, $198

This second bag is just over the top. Giant (16” x 17.5” x 8” ) and gorgeous, it looks like something I would take a nap on. But there is no salary that would justify dropping $450 on a work bag for me. 

Anthropologie Rancher Tote in Brown, $448

This next bag looks tiny, but it’s actually comparable in size to the J. Crew bag (13” x 15” x 5”). I do love it’s school boy blazer aesthetic, but I don’t know if I’d carry it in the warmer months. Tweed just seems fussy and itchy in 85 degree weather. 

Vatican Library Textured Satchel via Ruche, $73.99

And finally, at half off it’s original price, this bright and beautiful bag may be my best option. It’s sized appropriately (19” x 13” x 5”) and has a great, classic shape. But compared to the perfection that is that J. Crew bag, it just seems like settling. 

a.n.a. Madeline Tote in Estate Green or Columbus Red via JCPenney, $39.99

Looks like I might be removing the work tote from my wish list and saving my own coins. Afterall, at 25, it’s about time I start investing in quality pieces that will last at least until my next birthday. 

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wanted: fall sweaters and fall weather

I saw this gorgeous cream sweater on J.Crew’s Factory Outlet site and instantly wanted to fast forward to fall. Because I can’t do that, I decided to mock up how a sweater like that should be worn. I love the booties, but would most likely opt for flats in my everyday life, so I had to include both. 

Can’t believe Labor Weekend, the official start to fall, is only two weeks away. This summer flew by. For me, the cooler weather and turning leaves always makes my heart ache for one thing: home. What does it make you long for? 



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challenge: building from the bottom up

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a lovely little Web site— They sell fabulous designer items, I feel, for girls like me who are transitioning from college chic to true, adult sophistication. Girls who are more comfortable purchasing online and dealing with the can I really rock this insecurity in the privacy of our own closets. Girls like me who don’t have clothes nice enough to go clothes shopping in. 

Anyways… while on Shopbop, I went straight for the shoes, as always. I instantly fell in love with these Marc by Marc Jacobs Spotted Mouse Flats. I knew I wanted them, but also knew I had absolutely nothing to wear with them. So, I proposed a challenge to myself to build an outfit specifically for these playful little flats. 

shop bop

Challenge completed. Mission foiled. Damn bank account. Damn mortgage. 

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wanted: label love

I’ve never been much for designer duds. I mean, if I find something I love and then learn some fabulous label is due credit, credit I will give. But I’ve never felt compelled to pay three times what I think something is worth simply because of a brand. 

Until I saw this absolute diamond of a bag…


in the Coach ad featured in the April Glamour

Her name is the Kristin Spectator Leather Hobo and she is currently holding my heart in her turquoise silk lining. 

Now, if only I had $358 lying around somewhere… 

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