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blogging about blogging (post #100)

Yesterday, we had a little bogiversary party over here at BEST. There was cake, ice cream, party hats, noisemakers, a mound of gifts, me being chatty. But that’s what you’re here for right, my wordy musings? And if we had cake every time one of us wanted cake… well, things could get ugly. 

So, if yesterday was (metaphorical) cake day—all about pats on the back and celebrating the year that was—today is reflection day—all about analyzing the journey, measuring and adjusting. And don’t worry, Monday will be resolutions day—a little bit about about guilt and regret, but mainly focused on plans, goals, and the year ahead. 

We’re postponing that to Monday for two reasons: partly because I need more time to outline it all, and mainly because I just have to tell you (on Thursday and Friday) about last weekend. 

I came to tumblr last year in need of a space to let loose all the chaos that was bouncing around in my brain. As a newlywed, a first time home owner, a momma to one now two furbabies, and someone who was (and still is) searching for her career path, I was feeling very weighed-down by my crazy life. Writing has always been my means of letting go. If I acknowledge my emotions by putting them on paper (or screen), then I can release the weight of them. 

And that is what BEST has let me do. I’ve wrote about things and people I love, what I hate, what I want and need, what I have to let go of. We’ve talked house and home, marriage and friendship, (hypothetical) babies and furbabies, who I am, who I’ve been, and who I want to be

And as I mentioned yesterday, one the things I am most proud of at BEST is the rate at which I’ve been posting because it translates directly to how much I’m writing. My original goal was two to three posts a week. Now I’m up to Monday through Friday posts and the occasional weekend writing with little to no difficulty. As an aspiring writer, I’ve always been told that nothing is more beneficial than writing something, anything, every single day. Over the years, I’ve made dozens of attempts at daily writing, but this is the first time it has really stuck. 

And I am so proud of that. I’m not the girl for whom self-control comes naturally and I’ve always used that as an excuse for my overindulgence and my wavering level of commitment. The catch to those two shortcomings, overindulgence and a pathetic follow through, is that they are usually only harmful to one person: myself. 

By nature, I am far better to other people than I have ever been to myself. I don’t take care of myself like I know I should, I am not confident in my abilities, and I am far from being my own biggest fan. And I guess a lot of it goes back to my fear of failure. If you do your best for someone else, and don’t succeed, it’s still the thought that counts. But if I’m trying and working and fighting for self-interest, it has to be a safe bet, because if I fail, there’s nobody but me to say I appreciate the effort.

What I suppose I’m getting at with all of this, is that maybe my one goal for year two of BEST is to use it as a diary of all the personal goals I need to set and actively pursue over the next year. I genuinely believe that if I improve myself, and thus improve my self-image, that the confidence I gain will help lead me to the career path I have been so desperately seeking. 

So, check back in on Monday, and hopefully I’ll have some of those personal goals straightened out. Until then, thanks for listening. 

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blogiversary: year one

Today is my first blogiversary! As in, the one year anniversary of my first post here on BEST. Don’t worry, there is no established etiquette on blogiversaries so I wasn’t expecting gifts. (But, you know… they’re always welcome.) 


I was really hoping to have a post yesterday all about the fabulous long weekend I spent with some of my favorite people, to have written this post last night, for it to have gone live at 10 am today. Had I come home with a smidge more energy, maybe those things would have came to fruition and I would have met my goal: for my 100th post to go live on my blogiversary. 

However, I came home exhausted, dehydrated, stuffed to the brim with delicious food, and over-flowing with love, joy, and wonderful new memories. I needed sleep, water, a good cleanse, and some time to process all the perfection that took place in the course of four days. 

So, this short and sweet, last minute post is number 99, not 100. One tiny corner of my heart is disappointed. The rest of me still can’t get over how amazing my weekend was. And all of me knows that the trade-off was more than worth it. 

In the next few days, you will get to hear all about my lovely weekend, reaching 100 posts, surviving a full year, and my goals/hopes/dreams for year number two.

But today, I would like do one little celebratory dance.

Why, you ask?

Because… Over 70% of my 99 posts are dated after April 25th, my half-blogiversary. And almost 60% occurred since July 25th. Meaning… I’m currently posting at three times the rate I was one year ago.

Translation: Those goals/hopes/dreams for year number two are endless. 

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