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saturday night meltdown

So… as you all know, things have been rough lately. But they just seem to be getting worse. Last night, we had tickets to see Jason Aldean at Blossom. Bill got them for my birthday gift and I was over-the-moon excited. I bought a new shirt, finally caved to the skinny jean style, got a haircut, and painted my nails. I even pulled myself away from Adele’s “21” for a week to listen almost exclusively to his newest album, “My Kinda Party.”

It was a big deal, a really big deal for me. I LOVE live music. Nothing compares to that feeling in your chest when your heart starts beating to the rhythm of a song and the lights from the stage seem to pass over 20,000 other people and shoot straight into your soul. We only went to one other concert this summer; Stone Temple Pilots at the Captains Stadium. It was a pretty good show, but it’s just not the same when you aren’t a fan going in. It’s never as exciting.

But for Jason Aldean I was insanely pumped. And then I realized I still hadn’t found my camera charger so there would be no photos of my birthday concert. And then we spent an hour sitting in traffic to go the four miles from our exit to Blossom, arriving a half hour after the show technically started despite leaving two hours prior to start time. And then I stepped on a dead squirrel… in flip-flops. I think you see where this is going. Once you’ve stepped on a dead animal in shoes so thin you knew it was a dead animal before even looking down, it’s not going to be a good night. 

When you add all of that to the obstacles of your typical drunken, country concert sold-out crowd, we were doomed. 

Essentially, it was a big, giant, let down due mainly to things neither we, nor Jason Aldean, could have controlled. (However, the song selection was pretty damn sluggish, in case you’re wondering, Mr. Aldean.) So, we ended up leaving about 2/3 of the way through the main set. And then I cried the entire way home.

Pathetic, I know. But I wasn’t really crying because the concert wasn’t fun. I was so upset because it was, essentially, my fault that it was so bad. I was so pissed about the things we couldn’t control and I just wasn’t able to let them go. I know that most of the time, when it comes to my happiness I am my own biggest enemy. 

I’d spent so much time building the concert up, that when it fell apart, I was devastated. I do this, a lot. For my birthdays, our anniversary, this concert, countless other dates with Bill. Surprisingly, I avoided this for the wedding. Thank God! Or APW, I’m pretty sure they had more to do with my level-head that day than anyone else. 

Anyways… it was a Saturday night meltdown. And I’m still pretty annoyed with myself for ruining what could have been a great night. But, lesson learned. 

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