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needed: bath reno products

We need a reno on our main bathroom something fierce. Like, a we’re showering in the basement (and have been for five months) kind of need. But as you’ve heard in the past, I’m a tiny bit afraid of my own home and of making any changes to her. So we called in professionals for an estimate, but their price was a hefty $5300

So… it looks like we’ll be smurfing it. 

I finally bit the bullet over the weekend and started pricing our reno. Right now, it’s coming in around $1350 before plumbing supplies, new sheet rock, paint, cement, and grout. (Because I don’t know how to estimate that shit.) 

But here’s what I do know/want/need/love:

Archer 5ft Tub in white by Kohler, photo via ($438)

This is your standard tub—no jets, no crazy light show, nothing special. Translation: the kind of tub that is within our price range. But considering I haven’t had a fully operational tub in over a year, I’ll take it. And really, the only tub indulgence that really pulls at my heart strings is a good set of claw feet. And well, that just ain’t happening.

Devonshire Faucet by Kohler, photo via ($180)

No bathroom is complete (literally) without a shower and tub faucet. I’m not particular enough to get my designing rocks off on a faucet, so this is another practical choice. Brushed nickel (read: the timeless quality of chrome without the fingerprints and watermarks) was pretty much my only requirement. 


Alexa Collection 3-Light Vanity Fixture by Progress Lighting, photo via ($86)

This vanity light, although a total steal at $86, seemed slightly indulgent with it’s linen finish glass and crisp, clear edging. And although it’s more modern than the faucet, it’s brushed nickel finish is just enough coordination for me. 

NuTone Ultra Silent 80 CFM Bath Fan, photo via ($118)

Another practical choice that will bring light to my tub and shower and prevent mildew. Win-win! 

wall accent
Forged Iron Glass and Stone Tilephoto via ($10.99 each)

When it came to tile, I knew I wanted something neutral that erred on the side of blue gray, and this tile was my jumping off point. It seamlessly blends that blue gray tone (which I have obsessed with in every medium for months!) with other neutrals in a way that is subtle yet dynamic. It will serve as a 3/4 height accent tile within the tub and shower surround. 

Astral Luna 3 x 6” Ceramic Tile, photo via ($0.30 each)

This tile is a very pale, sandy beige in a classic subway shape. It will comprise most of the shower surround and be accented by a 3/4 height strip of the accent tile. I think that the off set subway pattern (what you see within the accent tile) will really make elongate the walls, making the space look as big as possible.

floor tile
Tuscany Rouge 13” x 13” Floor Tile, photo via ($2.00 each)

This final tile will be our flooring tile. It’s a great warm gray ceramic tile. Big plans include placing it in our front entry and a larger (18” x 18”) version in our kitchen. 

Below is a photo taken at our local Home Depot of the three tiles side by side. 

Also, here are the tiles pictured with a few of the paint colors we’ve been considering.

I personally favor the blue green shade on the left or the darker of the grays, on the left. Bill favors none of them. But Bill is difficult when it comes to paint, so I’ll probably just buy the blue green and go with it. 

The paint colors are all Behr brand.

  • Atmospheric UL220-20
  • Cathedral Gray UL260-7
  • Pewter Ring UL260-4

We haven’t yet settled on a vanity because we’re unsure of how much space we’ll have for it to occupy. Everything is dependent on our being able to shift the plumbing for both the toilet and the sink. My fingers are crossed because our current vanity is not a vanity at all, but simply a sink. As you can see below, there is less than 2” of useable space surrounding the sink. 

Here is the floor plan we’ll be left with if I get my way.

A beautiful rendering, isn’t it?!?

Confession: A good room layout sketch is how most of this girl’s dreams begin. 

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needed: mossimo supply company

Last year, I bought this exact hoodie/jacket in cream and I LOVE it. Except, it’s cream. And I’m messy. And thus, it’s covered in tiny stains that I feel are soooo noticeable. So, I’m dying to replace it, but this time in gray.


Target is being a jerk and not selling it in stores. And I’m not much for ordering things online. My money-conscious tends to get the best of me at some point during the twelve step check out process. In stores, I can just grab, go, and deal with the guilt later.

Stupid conscious… 

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needed: halloween costume ideas

joan holloway

Is loving the fashion, already having great boobs, and always wanting red hair enough reasons to dress up for Halloween as a character from a show I don’t watch? 

What if I agree to watch the seasons on DVD? 

Think about it. Let me know. 

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