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2012: girl, you gonna do it this year

I need big things from 2012. And according to Yahoo, I won’t be let down. I put very little stock in things like horoscopes, but it’s always nice to feel like the stars are on your side. It always makes doing the work a little easier. 

Also, after reading my husband’s horoscope, (Sagittarius) our good fortunes seem to line up pretty well. So if I’ve done the math right, and these things are even 50 percent accurate, then between the two of us 2012 should be 100 percent amazing. 

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saturday night meltdown

So… as you all know, things have been rough lately. But they just seem to be getting worse. Last night, we had tickets to see Jason Aldean at Blossom. Bill got them for my birthday gift and I was over-the-moon excited. I bought a new shirt, finally caved to the skinny jean style, got a haircut, and painted my nails. I even pulled myself away from Adele’s “21” for a week to listen almost exclusively to his newest album, “My Kinda Party.”

It was a big deal, a really big deal for me. I LOVE live music. Nothing compares to that feeling in your chest when your heart starts beating to the rhythm of a song and the lights from the stage seem to pass over 20,000 other people and shoot straight into your soul. We only went to one other concert this summer; Stone Temple Pilots at the Captains Stadium. It was a pretty good show, but it’s just not the same when you aren’t a fan going in. It’s never as exciting.

But for Jason Aldean I was insanely pumped. And then I realized I still hadn’t found my camera charger so there would be no photos of my birthday concert. And then we spent an hour sitting in traffic to go the four miles from our exit to Blossom, arriving a half hour after the show technically started despite leaving two hours prior to start time. And then I stepped on a dead squirrel… in flip-flops. I think you see where this is going. Once you’ve stepped on a dead animal in shoes so thin you knew it was a dead animal before even looking down, it’s not going to be a good night. 

When you add all of that to the obstacles of your typical drunken, country concert sold-out crowd, we were doomed. 

Essentially, it was a big, giant, let down due mainly to things neither we, nor Jason Aldean, could have controlled. (However, the song selection was pretty damn sluggish, in case you’re wondering, Mr. Aldean.) So, we ended up leaving about 2/3 of the way through the main set. And then I cried the entire way home.

Pathetic, I know. But I wasn’t really crying because the concert wasn’t fun. I was so upset because it was, essentially, my fault that it was so bad. I was so pissed about the things we couldn’t control and I just wasn’t able to let them go. I know that most of the time, when it comes to my happiness I am my own biggest enemy. 

I’d spent so much time building the concert up, that when it fell apart, I was devastated. I do this, a lot. For my birthdays, our anniversary, this concert, countless other dates with Bill. Surprisingly, I avoided this for the wedding. Thank God! Or APW, I’m pretty sure they had more to do with my level-head that day than anyone else. 

Anyways… it was a Saturday night meltdown. And I’m still pretty annoyed with myself for ruining what could have been a great night. But, lesson learned. 

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missing/needing/wanting/hoping for my jm

I’m terrible at dealing with certain things. Sometimes I just can’t find the words and, as a writer, that cripples me. For ten years, I’ve had this wonderful man in my life who says all the things that I can’t. He’s changed my world simply by helping me move past so many things. Whenever I’m feeling broken and down, he heals my heart.

And things have been rough lately. I quit my job. I’m trying to find a direction in life. We’ve gotten some bad health news regarding family and friends. And, as always, our home is falling apart around us. 

I feel like I can hardly keep my head above water.

I need him so bad right now. But for the first time, he can’t be there due to his own bad health news. Guess I’m gonna have to handle things on my own this time around. 

But frankly, I just want a nap.


Hi everyone,

After several months of going week to week monitoring and hoping to correct the condition, I am forced to cancel my upcoming singing engagements due to something next to my vocal cords called a granuloma.

I’m bummed to have to bow out of both the iheartradio Music Festival in Las…

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a random collection of thoughts and complaints, brought to you by…

the letters pms. Yep, I dropped the bitch bomb. Deal with it. I have to, every month for a good 2-3 days when I hate everything I come in contact with, including myself. I’ve never wanted to bring this kind of  negativity to BofI, but I can’t hold it in much longer. Writing has always been my way of dealing with things. This is what I’m dealing with. This is where I write. 

You have my permission to stop reading if you haven’t already. 

If you’re still here, I appreciate it. As the title implies, this post is essentially a collection of what’s been bouncing around in my head and happening in my world lately. Enjoy(?)


I haven’t slept well for two nights in a row. I know that some people never sleep well. And those people make me feel bad for bitching about having a couple of rough nights, especially considering I’m at home today and don’t need to be particularly productive. But still. I always sleep well and I’m annoyed with my recent insomnia. So, you’re gonna hear about it.


Came home on Sunday to find that Izzy had chewed all the stuffing out of one section of the futon in the office. Below you’ll see my patch job and our temporary solution to hide the damage.



I may be the only person on earth who didn’t lose my shit over Missoni for Target. It’s a bit loud for my personal taste. Oh well. I’m okay being left out of the crowd on this one.


I finally got to see “The Help” on Friday. And it was more than worth losing my shit over. Loved every minute of it. Momma is reading the book now and she is equally obsessed. 


This movie looks rather terrible, despite the lovely Hugh Jackman. But I’m a little infatuated with it because it seems to be Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots on steroids. 


I spent Sunday shopping at Tower City with Amy while the boys were at the Browns game. Although the end of the day turned into a giant clusterfuck, we got some good deals. The best of the best definitely went down at the Border’s Express going out of business sale. I scored six books for $9.81, saving $98.16. Probably the proudest moment of my shopping career. 

I am totally okay with my peak performance involving books rather than Coach, Chanel, or Louboutin. Although, a fabulous Michael Kohrs find would totally dominate. 


Another positive, the mail lady and UPS guy did drop off some lovely gifts today. I wonder if they know I see them as Santa Claus in street clothes USPS and UPS delivery person uniforms. 


AND… my amazing sister-in-law just called. I seriously think she has a sixth sense telling her when I need to vent.  


Essentially, most of this shit is not what is really bothering me. Most of it doesn’t even have to do with the PMS. (Yeah, PMS gets a the in our house, it’s that much of an issue sometimes.) But I’m still not super comfortable with hosting a total pity-party on the blog. But I’m hoping that by getting all this stuff out of my head, I’ll make room to deal with the real problems. 

Here’s hoping.

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shout out

I got a shout out today from Ally, The Shabby Princess. Made my day. That’s the great thing about blogs—they become little communities and breed baby friendships. It’s the not-so-creepy way of making friends online. 

You should try it. 


P.S. This is my lazy attempt at blogging today because I’m feeling ornery and kind of out of it. Long, messy, yet wonderful weekend stole all my damn energy.  Apologies. 

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This video is first on my laundry list of things to share with you all. Lauren over at Suburbalicious Living brought it to my attention. I love it in a slightly obsessive way. I love it enough to stop my one-woman-yay-for-birthday-weekend dance party to share it. That’s pretty big. 

Ms. Michaelson had me with the very first line:

I don’t tell anyone about the way you hold my hand

I don’t tell anyone about the things we have planned

When the boy and I first met, our relationship affected us both in the grandest of ways—it turned this chatty Cathy mute. It was like I feared that saying out loud just how amazing things were would burst the bubble that we lived in loved in. Coincidentally, it all had the opposite effect on my typically tight-lipped love—he was shouting from rooftops. People I’d never met knew things about me that I didn’t even remember telling him. It’s sweet, really, the best part being that 3 1/2 years later, we’re still complete opposites (both of each other and of our typical selves).


Also of note…

It is, in fact, officially BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! I have a lot of mixed feelings about turning twenty-five; they’ve been stewing now for a couple of weeks. But more on that later.

One thing I’m feeling straight-forward fabulous about:


This showed up in the mail today! And it’s taking every ounce of my will power not to open it. Partially because I do actually like to be surprised, but mainly because I know how hard the hubs tries to live up to my gift standards. (I’m needy like that. Not in a materialistic or shallow way. Just in a I need to know you really think about things way.) I’m 90% sure they’re Jason Aldean tickets, which will be amazing. Full report to come next week. 


And last but certainly not okay kinda least:


My dahlias are blooming. Aren’t they gorgeous! 

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the instant turnaround

It’s been a rough night. For no particular reason. Just the way us girls make things rough on ourselves every once in awhile. With tears streaming down my cheeks, I aimlessly clicked through Yahoo’s top shots of the week. And then things suddenly got soooo much better…

baby swans

Just as easy as it is for us to make ourselves cry, we can find enough simple joy to turn it all around.

Thank you, Amy Sancetta of the Associated Press. 

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family reunion

Meet my family.

kimmy and jeanne

Aren’t they lovely.

kimmy and chad

We spent this weekend together—catching up, coming clean, eating, drinking, dancing, and laughing.

bill and me

I woke up Sunday morning knowing that the home I own contained within its walls, five of the people in this world whom I hold most dear to my heart. 

chad and amy

I am a very lucky girl.

my loves

I miss them already. 

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Our Red Plate Set, a very special wedding shower gift from Momma Steele, is meant for celebrating. And today we’ve have some special little things to celebrate. 

  • —Our bathroom is fully operational again. Although most people would describe it as disheveled, compared to showering in the basement it seems like a spa retreat to us. 
  • —Bill has been offered a PRN position with a local nursing home. Although him being away from home more isn’t ideal, we could use the extra income and it’s the cracking door of a new opportunity.
  • —Also, I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed.

So, we celebrate. With a spaghetti dinner and fresh-baked, peanut butter cookies we celebrate the silver lining. 

  • "Come on, in spite of this we’re doing just fine
  • Even diamonds start as coal
  • Give us time to shine
  • Even diamonds start as coal”

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